Since we were fortunate to spend more time than ever with Landon this summer, I had a huge list of things I wanted us to do together when it was just he and I. Unfortunately there were many things we didn’t have time for (he starts school already next week! 3rd grade, whoa!), but if there was ONE must-do, it was to take a day trip to one of our favorite spots…Edisto Beach. When Dustin and I first started dating, we came here several years in a row and Dustin’s mom also joined us for parts of each trip. They are really special memories, and Edisto is a really wonderful, low-key beach. So a few weeks ago, we packed our cooler, loaded up our beach chairs and toys, and headed for the coast. We had such a great day (even if I got more sunburnt than ever – that’s what happens when you let a 7 year old apply sunscreen on your back) and I brought along only my 35mm film camera. I love these images I just got back from Indie Film Lab last week :)