Goodness this post. It was a true labor of love collecting all of my favorite photos from 2017 but man is it good for the soul! This post was a favorite of mine to make last year so I knew I needed to create another collection of my favorite wedding images from 2017 as well. These images are so very special to me. Each wedding I photograph is special, but on every wedding day there are specific moments that always stay with me a little more than others. Whether it was something super candid and real between people, a technical challenge I overcame, something that just stopped me in my tracks because it was purely beautiful, or just a moment that was extra raw, and real…these are the images from 2017 that make my heart do backflips. This is my FAVORITE post ever to create.

Thank you to all of my 2017 couples and their families for having me to document such special days in your lives.