Micha & Joel’s Leather Wedding Album

Working with Micha on she and Joel’s wedding album earlier this year was such a treat. I believe every wedding deserves to be archived in such a beautiful manner, so to see yet another wonderful wedding day printed and bound in a leather book makes my heart so happy. I especially love that Micha & Joel chose a leather I’d yet to see…a dark brown leather. Ahh…so gorgeous!

Are you a past BCP couple and interested in having your own wedding album? Send me an email and I can fill you in on how the process works!

Sarah & Tom’s Leather Wedding Album

Sarah and Tom’s classic leather wedding album came together so beautifully. Sarah was actually the yearbook editor in high school so her revisions were easy and efficient; she has such a natural eye in many things she does and album design is no exception! I just love the way she and Tom’s wedding story is told through the pages of their khaki album and am really excited to share a few of my favorite spreads today. Also, a shoutout to Madera Books for offering the most beautiful handmade leather albums for my couples and Align Album Design for making the album process simple and straightforward for everyone.

If you’re a past bride or groom of mine and are interested in having your wedding images preserved in an heirloom leather or linen wedding album, let me know!

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Bobbi & Lee’s Wedding Album

Another beautiful album I’ve been so excited to share! I photographed Bobbi and Lee’s wedding back in 2014, and the next year they ordered their linen wedding album in order to have their wedding story completely told. Bobbi and Lee’s wedding was super casual and I thought that their choice of the linen book perfectly complemented the style of their wedding. This steely blue-gray color is definitely one of my favorites out of all the options, and I love how clean and classic their book turned out.

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Britt Croft is a Savannah Wedding Photographer and is available for weddings throughout the Southeast and destinations worldwide, including the surrounding cities of Charleston, Beaufort, Hilton Head Island, Columbia, Augusta, Myrtle Beach, and beyond.

Bobbi and Lee’s Wall Art

I LOVE gallery walls (see the displays in my home here!), so when my past bride and one of my best friends, Bobbi,  expressed that she’d love to have a gallery wall in her home but wasn’t sure where she had the space, I knew it sounded like a great challenge. They had a hallway, she thought, that would be the best bet for a big, eclectic display. Bobbi and Lee’s style is super relaxed, and she has a few common colors throughout her home…wood tones, teal, black, and gray. Going off of that palette, I collected an array of frames in different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures and built this gallery wall for her.

We installed it last week and it was so much fun to see the final product come to life in she and Lee’s home. Their gallery wall includes many photos I’ve taken (a few wedding photos, photos of their daughter Kinslee, and some travel photos that have special meaning to them), as well as their wedding invitation, one of their first professional family photos, their wedding welcome sign, a few childhood photos of Bobbi, Lee, and their siblings, and Kinslee’s first daycare craft. It’s such a beautiful collection of their life together over the last 7 years and I’m so excited to share a few photos of how it all came together. And, there’s a fun bonus install at the end that we did in Kinslee’s bathroom that I just love!


Below are three photos I took of Kinslee during an evening bath when Bobbi, Lee, Kinslee, and my brother visited us for a few days in February. Nothing like a baby in a claw foot tub! I know she will LOVE these as she grows up, and this is also Bobbi and Lee’s hall bath so I know their guests will get such a kick out of these sweet photos now on display.


Britt Croft is a Charleston area wedding photographer who offers wedding photography throughout the Southeast. She has a passion for the printed photo and loves for her clients to display their images as art in their home. See more products here.

Gallery Walls

If you don’t know me, then you should know a few things. I LOVE houses. When I was little I wanted to be an architect. I always stole my moms graph paper to draw house plans. I built popsicle stick and Lego houses like it was my job. I dreamed about owning my own house one day. So if you’ve followed along at all, you’ll know that my husband and I bought the ultimate fixer upper a few years ago and just last year finally moved into it after years of renovation. Slowly rebuilding this house over several years was the ultimate test of my patience, as the ideas and dreams just pent up for years and years. Now that we’ve been moved in for a few months, I’ve found that I love making a house a home. I love the journey of it. I love filling our home with meaningful pieces collected over time that tell our story. Since the building of our house has been so hands on and we’ve invested so much blood, sweat, tears, and hard earned money into our home, I’m so thoughtful about everything we bring into it. I love simple, clean, meaningful spaces and I believe that ultimately, the best way to make a house a home is through photos…the photos that tell the story of your life.


So naturally, I dreamed of the day I could put a gallery wall display in our home. We had all these blank walls that were just screaming for me to decorate with our photos. I’ve now realized with all of these empty walls calling my name that I’m a bit of a frame junkie. I LOVE the hunt for old frames with character. I don’t even look at what’s inside anymore…just the bones of the frame. About half of all the frames in our home are second hand and to me that just adds so much to the story and heart behind what goes into them. I love taking apart old frames and finding what’s on the inside…notes, dates, etc. Oh man it’s like a treasure hunt! Our gallery walls are eclectic, full of history, and match the character and style of our home.

Today I’m so excited to share a few of our walls and displays. One gallery wall hangs on the wall opposite of our kitchen space and it makes me smile every. single. day. It looks a little bare there since the wall is SO big, but we do have plans for a bench under it and some other decor (remember…it’s the hunt for the perfect pieces that I just love!). The other is in my office, and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see so many of my amazing clients from the past few years grace my walls. We also have 2 mantles that we have photos and art on, a collection of four travel photos from our California trip in our bedroom, and a collection of three travel photos from the South Carolina coast in our guest bedroom. Finally we have three photos from our family peach picking adventures that hang in our kitchen, a travel photo from Wilmington in our guest bathroom, and two very special photos by Laura Gordon that hang above our clawfoot tub in our master bathroom.

See? The best art is that from our own lives. Nothing makes me love and appreciate our home as much as seeing our life together around every corner. If anything I hope this post inspires you to infuse your life into your home through photos…the impact is enormous 🙂


Britt Croft is a Savannah Wedding Photographer who offers wedding photography throughout the Southeast and beyond. She is available for wedding photography from Savannah to St. Augustine and up the East Coast.

Tricia & Adam’s Wedding Album

Another set of beautiful heirloom wedding albums went on their way to their forever homes last week and I just had to share. I worked with Tricia on she and Adam’s album, as well as two identical parent albums and I love the way their design came together and the choices she made for cover material and cameo photo. This wedding was extra special because it was during Hurricane Joaquin and Tricia and Adam handled every single bump in the road with total ease and grace. I’m so glad they have these albums to remember such a historical day…both in their lives and in the world of weather!


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