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Custom Home Videos

Custom Home Videos

for anyone who has ever said

“i never want to forget this”

Your video clips & licensed music thoughtfully woven together to create a custom home video for your family.
A modern day solution for all of the videos living on your smart phone
that brings back the nostalgia of our childhood home videos.

Keepsake Film | 199.00

  • One complete 3-4 minute film with complimentary music
  •  Submit up to 150 video clips and/or photos
  • Examples of what a Keepsake film can be used for: (1) family vacation, (1) 3-6 month period or season (ie. June-August, spring, summer, etc.), or (1) detailed special event or milestone
  • Films are valid for up to 9 months from date of purchase


Moments Film | 129.00

  • One complete 1-2 minute film with complimentary music
  • Submit up to 50 video clips and/or photos
  • Examples of what a Moments film can be used for: (1) day trip (zoo, swimming, etc.), (1) special event or milestone (birthday party, celebration, etc.) or any other special occasion you’d like to commemorate
  • Films are valid for up to 9 months from date of purchase


Classic southern family portraits

How does it work?
1. Purchase your film using the link above
2. Within 24 business hours, you will receive an email from Britt that includes a link to
your Dropbox folder to upload all of your video clips/photos
3. Approximately 2 weeks later, you will receive your custom home video!

Interested in multiple films
or an annual subscription?

contact britt directly via the contact form

Keepsake Film: Beach Vacation

3+ minute video capturing favorite family memories from an annual beach vacation to Tybee Island


Moments Film: Swing Set Love

A short 1 minute video capturing the joy of the childhood swing set


Keepsake Film: Beach Vacation

4 minute video created for a client’s family vacation to Hilton Head Island.


Keepsake Film: Parents Getaway

A 3 minute video documenting a parents getaway to the lake. This video is a great example of a lot of random clips and photos not necessarily filmed with the intent of being a home video (mix of vertical & horizontal clips, no B-roll, not very creative shots) yet it still creates a fun and exciting keepsake film

“In motherhood, the hard moments sometimes outnumber the beautiful moments.
But the beautiful moments always outweigh the hard moments.”

This Is How I Remember The Beautiful Moments And Allow Them To Live On Again And Again.

Artistic family portrait

Filming Tips

  • FIRST, wipe your camera lens when you start filming!
  • Film horizontally, rather than vertically (side to side instead of upright/how we traditionally hold our phones)
  • Clips do not need to be lengthy: 5-15 seconds is ideal
  • Try to eliminate camera shake as much as possible by holding your phone with one hand on either side if necessary
  • Use slow mo on occasion – close ups of smiling faces, feet running, details
  • Worried about missing out on photos while taking videos? You can take a photo while you’re video-ing! Just hit the white circle in the corner of your video frame while recording

Ideas for Your Shot List

  • Stretch your creative muscles when capturing video! Think cinematically.
    Some popular camera moves…
    • Overhead/birds eye view
    • Pan in and out of the subject (left to right, from bottom to top, from top to bottom)
    • Close up details (ie. boots splashing, hands playing with toy cars)
    • Reveal the subject beyond the foreground, for example if your kids are playing in the other room, reveal by panning from the wall to the door frame to the open doorway to the activity
    • Follow shot – ie. following behind your running child
    • Don’t forget time lapse can be really fun for certain activities or sunrise/sunset
    • Keep the camera in one place and let the action run in and out of the frame (ie. kid pushing a dump truck across the driveway)
  • Remember to get in the video yourself!
    • Ask your spouse to take some video
    • Prop your phone up on a sturdy item and get in the shot
    • Use the selfie camera
  • B-roll
    • B-roll is your scene setting shots that help give a sense of place and time, offer added context, and help tie the story together
    • Great B-roll shots are wide shots of a location or building, trees blowing in the wind, signage or street signs, moving water
    • Think “what would help me remember all of the senses?”
      • What I see, hear, smell, taste, or touch

Inbox, Email, and Workflows

  • 250 | Inbox Clean Up – One-time, half-day project
    • Tasks include: declutter, delete, unsubscribe, create & utilize folders or labels, update signature
  • 120 | Workflow/CRM Audit
    • One time deep dive into your CRM/workflow system to make recommendations for: workflows, automations, streamlining client emails/questionnaires, client touch points, sales opportunities, contract/document updates


frequently asked questions

I feel so overwhelmed by choosing clips. Where do I start?

It’s easiest to start by adding everything from a folder and culling down from there to arrive at the range required for your video size. Upon purchasing a video, I will provide my suggested methods for uploading in a timely manner.

Can I pick the music?

Unfortunately choosing music is not just as simple as telling me your favorite and adding it to your video. Music is copyrighted which means rights must be purchased. That cost is built into the cost of your video and I pull from several extensive libraries that offer a wide variety of music to suit many different moods, settings, and occasions. If you have a specific genre in mind, you can always let me know!

What if I don’t have a bunch of B-roll or creative shots?

You don’t have to have all of the cinematic extras to create a beloved family heirloom. You’d be surprised at how special all of your clips will feel woven together to tell a story, creative shots/B-roll or not.

Can my home videos include photos?

Yes, absolutely! Just include them in your clip count and upload away.

What if I have only vertical video clips?

Don’t worry! We can either keep it vertical and add a background effect or crop horizontal.

How do I receive my finished film, and what should I do with it?

Your finished home video will be delivered to you via a Dropbox link. You can upload to YouTube to make viewing on your home TV or computer a breeze, and also share via social media. Don’t forget to back up your completed video in several locations (external hard drive, thumb drive, cloud service, etc.).

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