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58 Years

February 4, 2015

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On Sunday my wonderful grandparents celebrated 58 years of marriage. Last November, my mom and I (and many friends and family who stepped up to help and be a part of it!) threw them a big party to celebrate their 86th (Grandpop) and 90th (Grandma) birthdays and their upcoming 58th anniversary. They had somewhere between 100 and 150 friends and family come to share in the celebration and show their support, and it was a truly beautiful afternoon all about two people that are loved by so many.

In preparation for this party, my mom pulled out their wedding album and just a few of their wedding photos that were not in storage somewhere. When I went home to Maryland one weekend and got the chance to sit down and go through these images, the photographer in me was in love. My grandparents were married in 1957 and of course weddings were so different from the extravagant events we have now. Believe it or not, most of my grandmothers family wasn’t even at the wedding! The distance was too far and I believe someone was sick and they couldn’t make it. Their ceremony was followed by a simple reception that consisted of mostly just dinner with close friends and family.

One of my favorite images, though, is them leaving their wedding in a car. This is a photo that we still take today, and to know that it is truly classic and beautiful and loved and cherished by grandchildren and those after…it’s so special. We loved that photo so much that we used it on their invitation and on their cake. Enjoy just a few of my favorite of my grandparents classic 1957 wedding photos, and of course two film photos at the end that I took of them just before they left for their party.

February 1, 1957:

November 22, 2014:

  1. Bryan Johnson says:

    I love this!!! Their wedding photos are amazing. I especially like the one you took of them in the car.

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