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How Does Family Yearbook Design Service Work?

February 14, 2024

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I’ve talked about all the reasons to love having a yearly family photo book collection, but how does Britt’s design actually work?

Below I’ve answered the most common questions about this unique service geared towards saving you tons of time, headache, and most importantly: ensuring you are doing your photos the justice they deserve by truly archiving them as a part of your family legacy.

To learn more about having Britt design and print your own family yearbook, click here.

Can I use iPhone photos?
Yes, in fact that is truly what this service is intended for! It is THE solution for enjoying your day-to-day photos so they aren’t forever buried in your camera roll!

Roughly how many photos would a yearbook/family album utilize?
I will design with about 250-350 images for a 70 page book. That works out to be on average 20-30 photos per month, give or take since some months will be heavier (vacations, holidays, etc.) and others will be lighter. Additional spreads can be added for a small fee to accommodate those of us (like me! ) who want more!

How do I get my photos to you?
This can be the most intimidating part of the process, but fear not. Even if you have NO photo backup system in place (which you should, click here for my recommended course!) I have several suggestions for getting your photos to me. Detailed options and instructions will be sent after purchasing the design service.

What are the books like?
I offer two different styles of books to accommodate a range of budgets and preferences. Contact me for my virtual guide with photos, costs, and noticeable differences for you to help make your decision.

How long does it take from start to finish?
That is ultimately up to you. For anyone excited and prompt with their revisions, you can have your next family yearbook in your hands within 3-4 weeks.

Do I get to make changes/give input in the layout?
Of course! The process includes two rounds of revisions for adding, removing, or swapping photos or giving input on the designed layouts. All revisions are done through convenient online album proofing software.

Are the photos edited?
Any photo that is excessively light or dark may be adjusted during the design process, but more advanced edits can be applied for a small fee.

I’m a photographer, can I use this service too?
Absolutely! Don’t we all know the cobbler’s children are the last to have shoes! This is why my service is separate from the book options, ask about my special rate just for photographers.

What if I want to catch up on years past?
I’d love to help you build your collection and would be thrilled to offer you a discount on purchasing 3 or more designs at one time.

Why should I do this?
You know all those photos you take? The ones that get buried in your camera roll, maybe they land on social media, a few might get printed, and life moves on? This brings those photos to LIFE. It helps tell the story of your year through all of the little moments that were important enough that you stopped to capture them in the first place.

Can your kids access the cloud? Do they ever get to experience those moments again? This is the solution!

Scrapbooks and family photo albums are becoming a lost art because we are simply too busy and overwhelmed by the quantity of photos we have now. This is the perfect solution for if you feel like you are losing years of your precious everyday moments to a sea of digital clutter. I promise the feeling of holding these books in your hands is so worth it.

Click here for more information on the value of family yearbook design.


BONUS QUESTION: I really want to get my digital photos under control in general to ensure they’re backed up and safe. How can I do this?
I’m thrilled to recommend Miss Freddy’s Backup Bootcamp course. Though I already implemented many of the same processes for my own personal photos, I purchased Miss Freddy’s course myself so that I could honestly determine if it was worth recommending to you. And I’m so excited to say – IT IS! Whether you are iPhone or Android, Mac or PC, Miss Freddy walks you through every step of ensuring you’ll never need to worry about a device failure. Your digital photos will be backed up, organized, and easily accessed. Use this link to finally get your photos safe and secure!

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